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Company Name:CPSolutions, Inc.

Establishment:July 11, 2013

Phone:+81 3 6225 2865   (FAX) +81 3 6225 2864


Officers:Predident  Kaz Kitamura

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Business Development Marketing and Consulting



 For the past ten years, our country is considered to have been managed by the economic principles of neoliberalism and globalization, thus focusing on deregulation, promotion of privatization, securitization of risks, financial engineering, etc. While this has had the effect of producing a small number of billionaires, it has not combatted deflation, and further widened the wealth gap, resulting in an economically stratified society. Furthermore, a persistent state of political and economic confusion was created, firstly by the opposition party having managed to disrupt the incumbent government, and again, after the great Tohoku earthquake disrupted things further.
 Although it seems that the current economy is stabilizing due to "Abenomix," the country still searches for new economic principles to follow. Just as discussions in Japan began to focus on using manpower as a consumable resource and moving production offshore, the effects of the earthquake and nuclear plants impacted the power supply, creating a new pressure which impacted Japan's global competitiveness. It is clear that a new way of conducting business is required. Otherwise, we risk running into the anecdotal situation of a doctor announcing "The operation was a great success. However, the patient died."
 Conventional consulting practices are typically using a detailed methodology based on a quantitative index. However, the difficulty is applying such precise analysis and documentation to the customer's actual requirements. CPSolutions thinks that the most valuable support is one that satisfies the customer. CPSolutions aims to focus on developing business based on the fundamentals of customer satisfaction, valuing people, leveraging the latent strengths of the customer and valuing the global environment. While these practices may not result in the creation of billionaires, we aim to provide support that allows the customer and society to succeed.

 I appreciate your support and patronage.

July 11, 2013
President  Kaz Kitamura


Plivacy Policy

CPSolutions Incorporated is planning to appropriately handle the personal information which is acquired during the course of business, observe the statute of the personal information privacy law as well as other privacy laws as follows:

1. Designate a Chief Privacy Office to act as the representative who will define the corporate regulations regarding personal information and oversee all concerned parties.
2. Take all required measures to prevent the loss of personal information, destruction, alteration, disclosure, etc.
3. Collect personal information only as required and after having clarified the purpose of collecting such information, as well as the usage of such collected information.
4. Do not use personal information for uses beyond the specific purpose it was required, without obtaining prior consent of the individual unless required to do so by law.
5. Impose a requirement upon third parties who offer personal information, such that they may not further disclose or re-offer personal information without the prior consent of the individual.
6. When entrusting management of personal information, etc. to a third party, suitable measures shall be taken such that the information concerned may be managed based on the personal information policy of our company.
7. Personal information shall be managed as governed by any applicable Japanese statutes.
8. The above points are subject to continual revision and improvement and will be taught to all the company staff.

Please feel free to ask us for any clarifications or questions you may have on this matter.

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