CP Solutions, Inc.












Business Concept

CPSolutions advances business based on the basic philosophy of creation of new value and practice.

Specifically, it is :
1)The leading role of business is individual.
2) In order to employ a strong point efficiently, the value of the client company is reappraised.
3) In that case, it is always confirmed that the object of business and the technology is useful for environmental preservation.
4) Consistency of speech and action is kept in mind.
5) Careful consideration and prompt action are most important.
Related technology, action, and partnership are unified especially more organically, and service is provided by the basic concept of offering implementable support.


◆ Technology

 The members itself are self-confident as that it has a rich experience and clear technical capabilities.
 Furthermore, paying attention to the original technology in a world, it is considered that collaboration with the partner who has specific technology is also one of the important resources.
 We think that the development of the competitive solution is efficiently possible by experience, technical capabilities, and specific technology to be used.
 Of course, we recognize that all such technology has the value as intellectual property also including usage, and think that various support, such as strategy planning and individual problem solving, can be performed with strategic correspondence.


CPSolutions act quickly with mobility.
 We think it also important to keep multi-channel approach and to perform flexible action according to a situation.

◆ Partnership

 We think that an important thing is that it is not contrary to the profits of a partner company with a relation with the partner with whom CP solutions collaborate on the occasion of service provision.
 The roles of CPSolutions aretikara to establish the cooperation with partner companies of a wide business field, and the preparation of the environment where the latent powers of the partner company can be demonstrated to the utmost in order to achieve the purpose.


Supports of business assesment, business development, business networking, and business value creation support are offered.

CPSolutions carries out on the whole or a partial target about the planning of strategy, the business planning, the lobbying relevant to these, and a required technical matter, the planning of operation, etc.




  A procedure, a schedule

A fundamental procedure is as follows. 


◆ Service Provision Organization

Corresponding the projects, the offer organization of service will take various relevant forms.
 However, a fundamental framework does not change.
 As shown in the following figure, the combination of a partner, a fellow, and a vendor will be arranged skillfully and will be offered.
 It becomes the know-how of CPSolutions to manage these stakeholders' combination.